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I guess I am officially old…

February 4, 2010

Check out this new resarch by Pew..some of it is not surprising (teens LOVE facebook and are almost constantly connected to the internet), some of it is (only old people are using Twitter and blogging)…wonder how long until facebook jumps the shark for something we haven’t even heard of yet…

This study does underscore how ubiquitous being digitally connected is for our youth (93% of those 12-17 are online) and how the nature of that connection is ever evolving (12-17 yr olds equally split in terms of their preferred on ramp to the internet between laptops and handhelds)

The older set is following along well with a 10% increase in social networking sites (read: Facebook) in the last YEAR among those 18 and older.  Blogging, while increasing among those over 30 (count me in), has decreased 50% in the past three years among teenagers – from 28% down to 14%.  Interesting trend…

Here is the article:

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