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Why Educationally Dense?…

So why would someone name a blog “educationally dense”?  Educational density is a term that describes the instructional value or “punch” of a class or unit of instruction. defines density as a materials mass per unit of volume.  Educational density refers to how much educational mass we can fit into a fixed unit of volume (time).  Our job as educators is to continuously discover and create ways to increase the educational density of our courses.  One of the best ways to increase our educational density is to ensure that all students are engaged.  An engaged student is a learning student.  Presenting students with opportunities to use critical thinking, analysis, synthesis, and other higher order skills challenges them to grow and thereby increases our educational density.  I believe one of the most important frontiers in increasing educational density is by utilizing technology.  The focus of much of what I discuss here will center around technology and its ability to increase the educational density of each moment we have with our students.

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